Saturday, October 22, 2016

This Years Shenanigans!

Okay, so my "getting better" at writing hasn't happened.

I am still here. This past year, and less has brought a TON if changes! It has been both overwhelming, and rewarding. My parents have moved out here as has my youngest sister. I hate to say it, but I dreaded it. I have been out here for 10 years and have established it as MY territory. I know, that sounds selfish maybe, but it was real. I have come to appreciate and love having them closer!!!When they just drop in it is usually a pleasant surprise, and when it isn't, I still enjoy it.

Our youngest from the first batch of five left home for a mission at the end of the summer. Oh I was so ready for him to leave and spread his wings else where. I miss him everyday. Who knew? He is loving his mission and the people he serves. I can see his growth in his letters. It is fun to see how the lord works in and on our lives.

My youngest started school this year! I was counting down the days all spring, I had this crazy itch, like it may never actually happen yet it did. I miss him. He is my mamma's boy and my little shadow. I used to think of all of the things I would actually be able to get done with him in school. Sadly I will tell you I haven't even began it. Part of that is due to the depression I have been dealing with. The other part is due to the fact that life just continues to keep happening. and usually not as I have pictured it happening. Dang.

One of the turned blessings is having my parents, my sister and her family closer. My children are developing relationships with them. I am loving that! My parents offer to help with the kids at the most convenient times. My sister drops in and invites me to do shenanigans with her, and vice versa. Growing up she was 5 years younger than me and I don't have a lot of memories of her. So I am loving getting to know her better and her kids. So much fun!

I am trying to figure out what my purpose is right now. I am thinking of taking on a very part time job. I have found one where I when I am asked to work it will be the same hours my kiddos are at school, same days off as them and many other great blessings. I love being a stay at home mom, and with this one I will be able to be there ANY time my kids need me. So, it is perfect.

However, when thinking about taking on this job I have a little voice nagging in my head. Ugh. So I am trying to decide where I can be the most available for what the Lord needs me to do. *sigh* I am thinking though, if I take this job, I won't have time to shop. I have been a shopaholic. and I shop for things of little consequence. So. I just don't know. at least with the money I make I can pay back some of my debt. I dunno.

At church I was made the ward chorister, and I am loving it. it is more laid back then all most any calling I have had previously. I love it because the people I am serving always have great suggestions and are great to work with. (if only we could get more...)

Well, That is a handful of the changes I have experiences this year. The most exciting one will actually take place sometime next year! I am going to be a grandma!!! You heard me right! I am excited beyond excited...and a little (only a little) weirded out...I feel like I am still in my late 20's, early 30's. My youngest is beyond over joyed, because he could become an Uncle on his birthday. Now that would be awesome, we do need to see what the Lord has in store though...LOL!

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